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  Title: Far from home
Apr 1, 2007 - 6:02 pm
Posted By: Ak5intoe

The torpedo left the bay and streaked towards a giant interstellar gas cloud. As it reached the center of the could a wildly bright light flashed from the torpedo as it exploded. In an instant the light was gone as the energy released increased out of the visible spectrum. What was visible was the effect on the gas cloud. Slowly, the center of the cloud began to condense and collect. Zbop was witnessing a marvel of mankind?s technological achievement. No matter how many times she saw it, the process of creating a planet always amazed her. Humans definitely were admirable, she thought, even if they were a scourge she was going to destroy.

Zbop scanned the initial reports coming. The orbit was steady and planet appeared to holding together. Elemental composites were as expected. This was good. ?Send the terraformers? she ordered. ?Send the terraformers? the operations officer repeated.

Moments later several enormously large ships separated from the fleet and headed towards the freshly created planet. Their work would take many months to complete, but at the end it would be a beautiful planet supporting life.

Zbop watched with pride as the terraformers entered orbit around the new planet. She had been at this for many decades now. In the back of her mind she wondered if they would come again. No, she decided, we?re well hidden and well protected. It will never happen again!


Generations had passed since the last encounter in which The Hive had almost been annihilated in a great and tremendous war. For seven years Admiral Ak5intoe and his fleet continuously battled the superior numbers and forces of The Hive. The human solution was to be final and nothing was spared. One by one as they fell, the planets of The Hive burned and were destroyed.

Eventually, the Admiral surrounded Zbop?s, or the Queen as her subjects call her, home planet. The ensuing battle was a meat grinder. Planetary defenses were strong. For days the fleet and the planet traded fire causing heavy losses with the fleet sustaining the most. At a pivotal moment in the battle, the Admiral entered low orbit and blasted the beams from his capital ship at point blank range against the planetary shields. Separated from the fleet and unprotected this was a dangerous moment. The beams collided with the shields surrounding the planet. At first nothing happened, but then a shimmer appeared in the shields and pulsated in unison with the beams. Fortunately, for the Admiral, this dangerous move paid off. The shields failed and the beams hit the surface destroying the generators and dropping planetary defenses. At that moment a small craft left the surface of the planet and entered a low orbit. The fleet moved to engage but before the fighters and missiles could intercept the ship it engaged it?s light drives and entered sub space. Planetary reconnaissance later confirmed what the Admiral and all of humanity feared. Zbop had escaped.


Current Day

Lieutenant MacGregor sat at his assigned station dutifully performing his work. As a science officer one wouldn?t describe his occupation as exciting or interesting. However, one would describe it as vitally important. He and the other science officers were searching for the location of their sworn enemy.

?Hmm? he thought. ?Is this accurate??

?Sir, one of our probes is reporting a growing gravitational disturbance on the outer edges of space. I?ve checked it against archived scans in the area and there?s something defiantly happening out there. Computer analysis shows an increased gravitational density of at least 50 planetary masses.?

Admiral Guts smiled. ?Good work Lieutenant. I think you?ve just found The Hive. It was only a matter of time before their imperialist expansionism gave them away.?

?Mr. Gata, order the fleet to prepare for an immediate jump? the Admiral stated. At that command the bridge began to buzz with activity. Even the queen would have been impressed at the disciplined response that was now readying the fleet for combat. Within moment?s, ships within the fleet were reporting that they were ready to jump.

?Leiutenant McGregor, give the helm coordinates for the jump?.

?Coordinates received? the helm responded.

Admiral Guts smiled as he ordered ?Prepare to jump?.Jump?.

At that moment the largest armada ever assembled by man left. Each ship tore a small hole in subspace entered. As the hole collapsed it released a bright light signaling that the ship had passed.  What awaited them on the other side was unknown.

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