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  Title: Draft Tourney Spring 05
Jun 6, 2005 - 2:09 pm
Posted By: Ak5intoe

I told everyone I?d post my thoughts regarding the team tourney so here they are.

To begin with I think some teams were luckier than others during the draft. My strategy was to get a couple of good attackers and a couple of good builders. As such my goal was to get Big, SLIM, YOYO and Nambia. Three out of four wasn?t bad. Nambia is an excellent builder and I wish we would have gotten him, but I felt comfortable with what I had. I also wanted people whom I?d seen spend a lot of time online.

The team that probably fared the worst was Ares?s. I really can?t fault him though, he was drafting players he knew very little about. As a result he got a big grab bag.

Once the tourney got going we were off to a rocky start. We had started a snowball and it was going nicely until it was completely lost. Myself, Barrow Warden, and Langel and YOYO did what we could to get it going again. By then Barrow Warden and I had completely spent our turns. About this time Big made his first appearance and was off to a great start thanks to the snowball. Likewise SLIM was doing very well despite his planets having been sucked dry of cash.

It was only a day or so before we were able to start naving nests and performing sequential rs searches. From then on, we started smashing the opposing teams, Slim just went nuts. At 10k sectors there wasn?t really any place for the other players to hide, and the body count was steadily rising (I always got a good laugh at doing a long range scan to sector 1 and seeing the ship / pod count) . This gave our builders and newbies a chance to build in relative peace. YOYO is a building machine, he had nests all over the place.

Before the tourney started I envisioned us carrying out assigned tasks and working really hard together as a team. Our lead was so large though that I pretty much just let people go and do what they wanted.

I want to congratulate those on the opposing teams that stuck it out especially Nambia. It?s not easy to start over every other day. Oakman?s team also did very well considering it was only him and maybe two others that were playing. Same with Wraith?s.

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